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High5shop was established in 2017 with the goal to become the largest Danish online shop with a focus on headwear. We have a huge passion for fashion, and we're especially excited about headwear, which is why we have chosen to specialise in it. We go to great lengths to select the very best products on the market, and we think we have a pretty solid selection in our little shop! We sell all kinds of great brands — both large, well-known brands and smaller brands, which doesn't have a track record of quite as many years. We're not shy to bet on newcomers, as long as they meet our expectations for both design and quality!

Accessories take your look to new levels

No matter what style you're going for, whether you're a boy or a girl, or whether you're 10 or 89, all kinds of accessories are a brilliant way to spice up your look! For example, headwear can be styled in countless ways, and we have a huge selection of caps and hats for both cold and warm weather. In our web shop, you can buy everything from snapbacks, flexfit caps, and flat caps to classic fold ups and beanies, fedoras, and straw hats. You can find almost anything that would go under headwear in our web shop, and whichever kind you choose, you can rest assured that it will help lift your look to a completely new level!

Headwear is also a brilliant way to save you on a bad hair day, and of course, that is also one of the many advantages of headwear in all kinds of shapes! At the very least we all know about flyaway strands that refuse to obey, no matter what you do, and in those cases, we are a little extra happy for good-looking summer and winter hats and caps, which keep the curls in place and at the same time puts the famous cherry on top on any look!

Quality at a good price

Just because we are fond of headwear in all kinds of shapes and sizes, it, fortunately, does not mean that we accept just any old thing in our shop. We have very strict quality requirements because a good design will be completely ruined if the quality is not up to par. A hat or cap should be able to withstand frequent use and should survive being cleaned as well, therefore it is crucial that the products are made of proper materials. This means that we don't only select cool designs that we think can add a little extra spark to your look, but we also focus a lot on the quality. So, as a customer, you can go crazy in our web shop and not worry, because you know that our products are of proper quality! But just because we have maxed out on quality, it doesn't mean that the prices have to be up there as well. We have extremely great prices in our shop because we'd rather let you be able to buy a small collection of sweet headwear than have you slaughter the piggy bank to invest in a single cool cap. That makes so much more sense to us, and we think it does for you too!

Willkommen bei High5Shop wurde 2017 gegründet. Unser Ziel und ambition ist das wir das grösste Dänische und Deutsche online Headwear webshop werden. Das wir eine breite und eine große Auswahl von caps, mützen und hüte Erstellen.

Unsere Interesse für caps und mützen waren schon immer ein wichtiger Teil unseres Alltags. Wir haben mit einer cap auf dem Kopf gelebt und mit einer mütze geschlafen rund um die Uhr.

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